Why buy something new when you can SWAP! We believe in SWAP wholeheartedly here at Goodwill NNE. Whether we’re swapping gently-used clothing or bikes (or whatever we can think of next) we are creating a more sustainable world for us all, and we’re doing it together. Swapping is good for people, the planet, and our pocketbooks and that just makes us giddy. When you clean out your closet and donate at a swap donations go back to Goodwill NNE, helping us create jobs and services across ME, NH, and VT. Swap shopping saves you money; you can try out new-to-you clothes for free while also keeping clothes out of the landfill. Going to a swap gives you an opportunity to meet the people in your community and connect, a.k.a it’s fun! Last but not least, when you remove the clothes from your closet you aren’t wearing, or donate the bikes in the garage that need a little help, you are de-cluttering your life, making it more LEAN, and we know that is proven to make you happier.

Updated 11 months ago by Calvin Gilbert