Little Black Dress

The Little Black Dress was re-imagined by Chanel – made popular by Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s – and now sought out at every Goodwill location across the United States.

It has become trendy to seek out that elusive little black dress at Goodwill locations instead of paying rack price at mainstream retailers. With donations changing daily, you never know when or where that perfect little black dress will appear. One thing is for sure – it does exist! So whether you are looking for a strapless little designer number for a great night of dancing with your girlfriends or a more conservative look for that business cocktail party, you can find it at your local Goodwill stores.

Every purchase, including your little black dress and accessories, helps Goodwill achieve our mission – enable persons with diverse challenges to achieve personal stability and community engagement. Each person that comes to Goodwill for help has a different challenge standing in their way of personal stability.

One group that faces many roadblocks to personal stability is America’s veterans.

At Goodwill we recognize the unmet needs of veterans and the members of their families. In order to meet this need we developed an initiative in Maine, the Goodwill Veteran’s Fund. With the help of veterans and other community partners, this fund is being designed to fill the gaps. The goal is simple – to meet immediate needs for veterans and their families, to fill the gap, connect, and move forward.

100% of every dollar contributed to the Goodwill Veteran’s Fund is distributed directly back Maine veterans and their families.

So join us to celebrate the Little Black Dress and help us raise funds for Goodwill’s Veterans Fund at our annual Little Black Dress Event!

Updated 3 months ago by Calvin Gilbert