Nancy Dussault

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Back in January 2009, I unexpectedly became a dislocated worker.  I had been employed with the company for almost 12 years.  Looking back, it was a particularly devastating experience for me, as my co-workers were like family. They were there for me during one of my toughest times, especially when I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  I will always be so grateful to my employer for giving me the flexibility I needed while going through chemo and radiation treatments.  I couldn’t have asked for a more supportive group of co-workers and friends.

After getting over the devastation of losing my job, I didn’t know what to do next.  I knew that just like the news of getting cancer, I needed to do something fast.  Applying for unemployment was strange and uncomfortable for me.  I just wanted to find a new job.  My first thought was to get a resume together and start pounding the pavement.  It had been a very long time since I needed to look for work, so to my surprise things were a little different.  Instead of pounding the pavement, I soon discovered I needed to apply for jobs online.  I put together a resume and began applying for jobs.  After a couple of months of no responses, I quickly became discouraged.  Then to top things off, my husband was laid off from his job.  Neither of us ever had to collect unemployment before. Although his lay off was temporary, it was very scary to both be out of work at the same time.

Desperation mode set in.  I decided to go to the Career Center/ Goodwill Workforce Solutions Center in Springvale, Maine.  My intention was to have someone take a look at my resume to see what I could do to improve it.  While I was there, I was encouraged to fill out an application to receive new job training skills. I met with a Goodwill employment counselor who took the time to talk to me and critique my resume.   I felt so grateful that someone actually took the time to listen to me.  I needed to vent, and boy did I ever!

I soon learned I was eligible to enroll in computer classes and participate in a work experience program.  Suddenly I felt hope and was no longer depressed.  My gratitude did not stop there. When my work experience ended, I learned of job opportunities with Goodwill Workforce Solutions.  I was encouraged to apply and I secured a job with Goodwill Workforce Solutions in Biddeford, Maine!  You never know who you will meet along the way and when you will meet again.   I am so grateful for all the people that helped me accomplish my goals.

Ken Christian
Senior Director, Communications
Goodwill Administrative Office

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