Margaret Connolly Watson

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My name is Margaret Connolly-Watson and I am a volunteer with Goodwill Industries of Northern New England.  I live in Windham, Maine with my husband and two sons.   I became involved with Goodwill when I lost my job in 2010.  During this time, I realized I wanted to focus my career search working more one on one with individuals in the community.

During my employment search I became acquainted with Robert Minnet of Goodwill Workforce Solutions in Portland.  I expressed my desire to work more hands on with people and had a passion to serve others in my community.   I wanted to empower people to overcome obstacles in their lives.

I became involved as a volunteer with the Good Guides Youth Mentoring Program in Portland.  The program assists teens to overcome obstacles within their family, school and community.  As a Mentor I assist a youth with any difficulties she is experiencing.  Providing support and guidance to the Mentee is extremely rewarding.   I assist in creating goals and empower her to accomplish them.   Having the “can do” attitude has been a big part of my life and I am extremely excited to pass this on to my mentee.

I also volunteer as a facilitator for the Unemployed Professional Network Group at the Portland Career Center.  I facilitate the discussions about job leads, networking opportunities and career exploration.   Group members come together to lend support and realize they are not alone.  I help members realize they are resilient, strong and capable of getting through anything.

I have developed a deeper understanding of myself and the career path I am meant to take.  Goodwill Industries of Northern New England has helped me successfully navigate change and to take action.  Any good action I take is a choice to move forward and be successful.

Ken Christian
Senior Director, Communications
Goodwill Administrative Office

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