Kathy Towle

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I experienced a violent encounter many years ago – I have no memory of how long I was unconscious. I started experiencing severe migraines and could only work four-hour days. I experienced months of testing and doctor’s appointments. I went to a program, but they dismissed me, because they said I was too depressed for rehabilitation treatments.

For many years, I did nothing to address my condition and stayed to myself – until I had the courage to work at Goodwill. I can’t remember when I first spoke to Amy at Goodwill Workforce Solutions, but she gave me a call in 2010 to discuss work opportunities. I asked about Goodwill and I started work at the Windham Retail Store.

I received job coaching and was hired for a casual position. I began to work four-hour days, which was very difficult for me. I soon began to make friends at the store; many of the employees were patient with me as I learned the cash register, which was very important to me. Everyone I work with, whether on the register or in processing donations, goes out of their way to help me. Ten years ago, I never thought I would find such a supportive environment. I am blessed. I have so much to look forward to now with my work, family and friends. Thank you to all who took a part in my life’s journey to Goodwill.

Ken Christian
Senior Director, Communications
Goodwill Administrative Office

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