Alice Webb

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My name is Alice Webb and my career with Goodwill started twenty years ago when I was hired into the “GROW” program in Augusta, Maine. This was a sheltered workshop where I did tasks such as working with tax forms, checking envelopes and making wind chimes. I then moved to a new location in 1994 behind our current Goodwill regional office in Augusta. I continued to work in a sheltered workshop environment with tax forms and checking envelopes. My story is about how I successfully transitioned from working in a sheltered workshop setting to a competitive employment setting.

When the sheltered workshop closed in July, 2008, it was suggested that I apply to work directly in the Augusta Goodwill office as a shredder of confidential documents. This was a community competitive job, meaning other people were allowed to apply for this position as well. And I still got it! I like my job a lot because I feel like most of the time I am my own boss of things that need to get done. The three things I like most about my job are: I like doing it, I shred the paper fast and I get money for it.

Meanwhile, I am enjoying summer and I enjoy spending my work money on clothes and sodas. When I go to the bank I sign my own check, then the money goes right into my pocket! I plan to work at my job for a long time, even though I’m 65 years old. My twentieth anniversary will be August 5, 2011. Thank you to Goodwill for giving me this opportunity to be successful in my job.

Ken Christian
Senior Director, Communications
Goodwill Administrative Office

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