Shopping Tips

Goodwill retail stores offer a variety of items to meet your shopping needs. From clothing, shoes, and accessories to household items, books and games, you are sure to find great deals for the whole family.

How to Maximize Your Dollar

Each of the 27 retail stores throughout Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont offers a unique shopping experience. These Goodwill shopping tips will make the most of your time and money:

Have a plan

Use your time wisely and plan out your shopping trip. What are you looking for? Knowing this ahead of time will ensure you maximize your time and find those items you need.

Look for signs

Goodwill stores are laid out much like general department stores. Ceiling signs will direct you to different departments: Women, Men, Children, Footwear, Home and Books. Goodwill also offers shopping carts and baskets for your convenience.

Make Time

Having time to browse through the whole store in order to find those priceless items makes for a more enjoyable and productive shopping experience.

New Goods

Don’t forget that Goodwill also offers a variety of quality new products. Check out our selection of home goods, accessories and other items to complement your shopping trip.

Visit Multiple Locations

No two Goodwill stores are alike. Be sure to shop at multiple stores in your area to find the best selection of products and to maximize your dollar.

Shop often

New items are added daily, ensuring that each shopping trip at Goodwill is a new and exciting experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do the different colored barbs mean?

Each week Goodwill stores feature a different colored barb or price tag. This means that any items with the featured color are 50% off their marked price. For example, a shirt with a yellow barb normally runs $4.99. If the color of the week is yellow, this means you get the shirt for only $2.50. Be sure to look for the color barb that is 50% off so you can maximize your purchase!

How often does Goodwill receive new items?

Every day! Each Goodwill store adds close to 10,000 items each week to the sales floor, making it important to shop often to get the best deals!

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