19 Easy to Make Halloween Costume Ideas

Looking for easy to make Halloween costume ideas made from clothing found at Goodwill?

The American Tourist: Pair a loud, patterned shirt with a pair of khaki shorts and sandals. Accent your costume with a quirky straw hat and a camera around your neck. Put homemade plane tickets in your pocket, add a big tote bag and pin a map to it.

Pirate: Arrgh Matey! Find a white puffy shirt, add a vest and pants – and accent with big gold jewelry and a bandanna around your head. Don’t forget the eye patch, a toy sword and a plush toucan or monkey.

Rockin’ Roller Skating Waitress: Wear a short skirt with a solid color shirt and apron. Add a pair of roller skates (or white sneakers), pocket a pad of paper and pen, sport cat-eye framed glasses, and chomp on a wad of bubble gum. Don’t forget the serving tray.

Ghoulish Girl: Men – sport a short skirt, fitted top, wig and lots of baubles. Don’t forget the fishnet stockings and bright heals. Finish the look with a heavy dose of blush, eye shadow and lipstick. You’ll look marvelous.

Pioneer Girl: Find a vintage style dress or make one from floral and lace fabric or bed sheets. Pair it with plain shoes. Finish with a bun or two braids.

Muscle Man: Paint or quilt muscles onto a flesh colored sweatshirt and pants. Stuff arms and legs with soft cloth to make your muscles big. Wear a pair of sports shorts over your pants and a sweatband on your forehead. Create dumbbells by attaching two black balloons to the end of a black painted cardboard paper towel roll.

Black Widow Spider: Find a black sweat suit and stuff the legs of four black panty hose. Attach the legs to your sweatshirt, and your arms to the hose with string. Watch the fake legs lift when you raise your arms. Add a red spot made of cardboard or construction paper to the back of your shirt.

Ghost: Just cut holes in an old white sheet, and draw on some chains and spider webs with magic markers.

Nerd: Wear sized too small patterned pants, a shirt buttoned up wrong, hair slicked back, an old pair of taped glasses and white socks.

Pig: All you need are pink sweats with a corkscrew tail made from pipe cleaners or other fabric. Attach ears to a headband or hood and you are good to go.

Angel: Use a sheet, spray it lightly with some clear spray paint and toss glitter on it before the paint dries. Make a halo and wings from a wire clothes hanger covered in aluminum foil.

1950’s Greaser: Wear black or blue jeans, white t-shirt, white socks and sunglasses. Slick your hair back and don’t forget the high school letter jacket.

Punk Rocker: Wear a pair of black jeans with a leather jacket. Buy some colored hair spray.

Frankenstein: Paint your face green and tear up an old shirt. Add a pair of beat up large boots.

Cow: Add black spots to a white sweat suit. Create ears on a headband or hood. Tie a fake (or real with adult supervision) cow bell onto the end of a long costume jewelry necklace.

Hunter: Wear a bright orange jacket or shirt and match it with an orange hat – or go all camouflage.

Rock Star: Wear torn clothing and spike your hair. Add some clip on earrings and a dog collar.

Abraham Lincoln: Make a beard using fake fur and a top hat out of a coffee can and an ice cream bucket lid. Glue them together and paint black. Don’t forget to carry a copy of the Gettysburg address.

Skeleton: Add “bones” to an old black sweat suit with fabric paint or white felt. Mix things up by altering a cardboard box to look like an x-ray machine.

Goodwill Halloween Guide

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