Goodwill manages three unique AmeriCorps programs that help strengthen local communities and organizations in northern New England. AmeriCorps volunteers are placed in local nonprofits, municipalities and schools. Applicants 17 or older are eligible to become an AmeriCorps volunteer.

AmeriCorps is a network of local, state and national service programs that connects more than 80,000 Americans each year in intensive service to meet our country’s critical needs in education, public safety, health and the environment.

AmeriCorps volunteers generally start their positions in late summer or early fall.

Full time AmeriCorps volunteers serve for 1,700 hours (approximately eleven months).  Members receive a stipend and an educational award that can be used for college or repayment of student loans.  AmeriCorps volunteers also receive student loan forbearance, health benefits, worker’s compensation coverage, training opportunities, and child care reimbursement (pending eligibility).   Volunteers working less than 1,700 hours a year often receive no stipend but can earn an education award.

Multilingual Leadership Corps

The Multilingual Leadership Corps places AmeriCorps members in Maine schools and nonprofit organizations serving populations with English Language Learners (ELL), concentrating on the areas of greater Portland and Lewiston/Auburn.  Through mentoring, school skills support and community engagement, members work to increase academic engagement among English Language Learners.

To learn more about current opportunities with the Multilingual Leadership Corps please contact Jen Craven at  or 207-370-3911

Granite State Education Corps

The Granite State Education Corps places AmeriCorps members in schools and nonprofits throughout the state of New Hampshire. AmeriCorps members work with students through programs based at schools,  after-school programs and other community-based programs to increase student education attainment.

This is achieved through mentoring programs and mentor relationships; academic support; service learning opportunities; and outreach to the community.

The Granite State Education Corps program seeks to increase the number of youth who have improved their school attendance; increase the academic performance of students; and decrease the incidents of disciplinary referrals given to students over the course of the AmeriCorps program’s involvement with the student.

To learn more about current opportunities with the Granite State Education Corps please contact Scott Dupee at or 603-229-7235

Great Strides Rural Education Corps

The Great Strides Rural Education Corps places volunteers in rural schools throughout Maine, New Hampshire and northern Vermont.

  • Great Strides targets at-risk students in grades 4 through 12 to engage them in a successful school experience
  • AmeriCorps volunteers provide mentoring and service learning opportunities, academic support and community resources to students to increase educational attainment.
  • Great Strides seeks to assist students in the areas of school attendance, graduation and entrance into post-secondary institutions.

To learn more about current opportunities with the Great Strides Rural Education Corps please contact Steve Niles at or 207-370-3918

How can I host an AmeriCorps volunteer at my organization?

Each year, Goodwill issues requests for letters of intent to nonprofits, schools and municipalities who would like to host an AmeriCorps volunteer.  Potential sites submit a proposal that addresses activities, community outreach and volunteer recruitment projects for which the AmeriCorps volunteer is responsible.

Sites are responsible for providing a designated site supervisor for the AmeriCorps volunteer, suitable workspace, onsite orientation and support and resources to help volunteers achieve personal and professional goals.

If you are interested in partnering with AmeriCorps, please call (207) 370-3936.

Contact Steve Niles

Manager, AmeriCorps
Portland Workforce Services Office

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Goodwill Americorps

Goodwill manages three unique AmeriCorps programs that help strengthen local communities and organization in northern New England. Volunteers lead mentoring, service learning and academic support through three Goodwill AmeriCorps programs – Multilingual Leadership Corps (MLC), Granite State Education Corps (GSEC), and Great Strides Rural Education Corps.
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