Volunteer at Goodwill

Your donation of time, talent and expertise helps Goodwill enrich the quality of life within our communities by enabling persons with diverse challenges to achieve personal stability and community engagement.

Why volunteer?

  • You help strengthen your community by bringing people together.
  • You gain professional experience, personal growth, and self -esteem.
  • You learn a lot.
  • You feel good.
  • You make a difference.

We have volunteer opportunities in our Clinical, Community Support, Residential and Job Connections Services as well as our Administrative Operations. Opportunities range from:

  • One-time to on-going availability
  • Virtual or in office work-sites
  • Individual, family, or corporate group projects
  • Fulfill educational requirements through service –learning and internships
  • Court ordered community service

Do you have a specific skill or interest-something that you are passionate about? Approach us with your ideas and we’ll be happy to work with you to build a volunteer opportunity!

Volunteers in local communities help Goodwill fulfill its mission every day. For that we are grateful.

Contact Barbara Sawyer

Manager, Volunteer Program
Goodwill Administrative Office

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