Goodwill Announces Certified Brain Injury Specialist Training

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Goodwill Announces Certified Brain Injury Specialist Training
Goodwill is the First Non-Profit in Maine to offer CBIS Training

Portland, Maine – Goodwill Industries of Northern New England announced today that its next Certified Brain Injury Specialist (CBIS) Training is scheduled for April 1, 3, and 6 in Augusta.  The class is taught by Sharlene Adams, Director of NeuroRehabilitation (Brain Injury) Services for Goodwill.  Ms. Adams is the first Certified Brain Injury Specialist Trainer (CBIST) in the State of Maine.

A CBIST trains professionals in the brain injury field. The training offers three days of intensive coursework. Students (if they meet the requirements) can then take the national exam through AACBIS (American Academy for the Certification of Brain Injury Specialists) to receive a certificate as a CBIS. The mission of AACBIS is to “improve the quality of care given to individuals with brain injury through the education and training of those who work in brain injury services.”

This is the second CBIS training Goodwill has offered.  The first training in November, 2008, granted 14 individuals with CBIS certification.  “The training helps care-givers and professionals understand the complexities of brain injury,” noted Sharlene Adams.  “It prepares participants to understand the unique physical and emotional needs of an individual with a brain injury.”  There are very few Certified Brain Injury Specialists in Maine.  As of March, there are only 47 individuals in the entire state who have passed the national exam.  Ms. Adams hopes to increase those numbers.  “The more individuals who are certified, the better we can help individuals with brain injury through the rehabilitation process.”

Goodwill’s NeuroRehabilitation Day and Residential programs in Maine currently serve close to 250 individuals with brain injuries.  An additional CBIS training is also scheduled for September in Portland.  The training is open to family members of individuals with brain injuries, care-givers, and professionals.

Ken Christian
Senior Director, Communications
Goodwill Administrative Office

About Goodwill Industries of Northern New England

Goodwill Industries of Northern New England has a 10-year goal of being instrumental in moving 10,000 households out of poverty and into stability in our territory of Maine, New Hampshire and northern Vermont.

We not only create training opportunities and jobs within Goodwill, our Workforce Services helps local businesses build their own workforce. As an employer of more than 2,000 people and a social service provider, we have a unique perspective that can help other employers find and keep reliable employees.

Goodwill Neurorehabilitation Services in Portland, Maine and Lewiston, Maine offers comprehensive brain injury services and treatment options for people with acquired brain injuries. At Goodwill Neurorehabilitation Services, comprehensive, community-based therapies are provided to assist individuals with cognitive, emotional and physical needs – so lives can get back on track after a brain injury.

Recycled Cycles, a Goodwill NNE service in New Hampshire, is a partnership with the Central New Hampshire Bicycling Coalition to create job training opportunities repairing and maintaining bicycles. Program participants also benefit through individualized training and mentoring. Recycled Cycles is focused on increasing community awareness about the health, environmental and cost benefits to transportational cycling.

Goodwill Industries of Northern New England operates 23 residential homes across Maine for people with diverse challenges – acquired brain injury, intellectual disability or other barrier to independence that requires continuous support from Goodwill staff.

Our services are funded by revenue from retail and recycling operations, grants, fees, and philanthropic gifts.  Please visit for more information.

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