Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Are Goodwill's services accredited? services

Select Goodwill programs have been CARF (Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities) accredited since 1972.

Q: Are my donations to Goodwill tax deductible? donations

Yes, all your donations are tax deductible. In accordance with IRS regulations, Goodwill does not assign value to your donation….

Q: Can anyone open a Goodwill Store? stores

Local Goodwills are autonomous 501 (c) 3 non-profit organizations that are members of Goodwill Industries International. Each organization has a…

Q: Can I drop off items at Goodwill stores? storesdonations

Yes, any of our stores will gladly accept your donation. What does Goodwill accept?

Q: Can I exchange my gift card for cash? stores

Please note that gift cards are only good towards purchases a  retail stores. They hold no cash value.

Q: Can I purchase a gift card for another person? services

Yes. If you would like to directly mail the gift card to a recipient, please include this person’s name and…

Q: Can I purchase gift cards at a Goodwill store? stores

Yes, you can purchase gift cards at any of our retail stores inMaine, New Hampshire and northern Vermont.

Q: Do Goodwill stores offer any discounts? stores

Yes, Goodwill offers a shopper loyalty program, Club Goodwill.  For $10 a year, you receive 10% off every purchase, 25%…

Q: Does Goodwill gift cards have expiration dates or fees?

You can use your gift card any time – there is no expiration date and no associated fees.

Q: Does Goodwill Industries of Northern New England pay people with disabilities less than minimum wage? public policy

No. Our integrity revolves around how closely we adhere to our fundamental belief in the value of every human being…

Q: How do I get a tax receipt? donations

Donation tax receipts are available upon request when you donate to Goodwill.

Q: How is Goodwill funded? services

Our services are funded by revenue from retail and recycling operations, grants, fees, and philanthropic investments and gifts.

Q: How is Goodwill's CEO Compensation Determined?

As with all non-profits CEO compensation is determined by the volunteer Board of Directors. The Goodwill Board of Directors determined…

Q: How many donations do you receive each year? donations

In 2007, Goodwill received approximately 28,231,000 pounds of donations!

Q: How many people does Goodwill employ? employment

Goodwill employs about 2100 people in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont.

Q: How many people does Goodwill serve in a year? services

We serve nearly 35,000 people through our health care and workforce services.

Q: How many people donate to Goodwill each year? donations

We estimate that 639,000 people made donations to Goodwill in 2007.

Q: I lost my donation receipt, can I request a copy? donations

Unfortunately, Goodwill does not keep copies of donation tax receipts.

Q: If the items in your stores are donated, why don’t you charge less for them? storesdonationsemployment

As with every business, there are built-in costs that are necessary to our operation. We pay the salaries, benefits, education…

Q: Is Goodwill a Charitable Organization? general

Yes, Goodwill is a 501 (c) (3) charitable nonprofit organization.

Q: Is Goodwill a religious organization? general

Goodwill Industries of Northern New England is nonsectarian.

Q: Is Goodwill NNE Autonomous? general

Yes. Goodwill Industries of Northern New England is an autonomous organization with a local volunteer board of directors. We are…

Q: Is Mark Curran CEO and Owner of Goodwill Industries? general

Mark Curran is not the CEO and Owner of Goodwill. Jim Gibbons is the CEO of Goodwill Industries International and…

Q: What are my donations worth? donations

To determine the value of a donation, Goodwill provides handouts at each store and donation center as well as an…

Q: What can I donate to Goodwill? donations

Our Acceptable Donations page has an up to date list of items Goodwill can and cannot accept.

Q: What is Goodwill's Store Refund & Return Policy stores

Items may be returned within 7 days of date purchased, accompanied by original sales receipt and price stickers or barbs…

Q: What kind of success does Goodwill have? general

The success of our human services programs is measured annually for clinical outcomes. To measure the outcomes of other departments…

Q: What percentage of Goodwill’s annual budget goes toward administrative costs? general

8% of our budget is used for administrative costs

Q: When Does Goodwill Put out Halloween Costumes and Decorations? stores

Are you starting Halloween decorating early this year? Need to place first in a Halloween costume contest? If you want…

Q: When will I receive my gift card? stores

Gift cards purchased in-store are received immediately. Once you place your order online, your gift card will be shipped within five…

Q: Where can I use Goodwill gift cards? stores

You can use your gift card at retail stores operated by Goodwill Industries of Northern New England in Maine, New…

Q: Who founded Goodwill? general

Goodwill was founded by Edgar J. Helms in Boston in 1900s.  Goodwill Industries of Northern New England began operations in…

Q: Who is in charge of Goodwill? general

Goodwill has a volunteer Board of Directors.  The President of the Board is Ned Helms.

Q: Will Goodwill pick up my donations? donations

Goodwill is not able to offer home pick-up service at this time.

Q: Will Goodwill replace a lost or stolen gift card? stores

Please treat gift cards like cash, as they cannot be replaced if lost or stolen.