Little Black Dress Event Connects Veterans to Community

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Last year the funds raised at our Little Black Dress event built the foundation to create our Veterans Fund. Local veteran Ben Kamilewicz spoke of his experience returning home from service, and how key community support was to him as he began to re-build his life (below). But what if you don’t have that support, or don’t know where to find it? Your ticket to our LBD event helps us make a difference in the lives of local veterans. Funds from the event help us bridge the gap in services and cover unmet needs, such as car repairs, transportation, and job training. Today we’re seeing success in this snapshot of thanks below, and in more detail in this infographic. Please join us April 24th at Ocean Gateway, get to know us better, and see for yourself.


Thank you from local veteran

Home. Peace and joy and a sense of place, a sense of harmony. I came home from Iraq almost seven years ago—and I struggled to find it, and I still do on some days. But I had family, a community of good hearts, of generous people who loved and cared about me, a community of givers—people who helped me get through those dark days, who eliminated any barriers they could to help me reach my potential again, to help bring me home. I am lucky I had that community. For with the love and support of that community, hope slowly bloomed again for me. I’ve come home.

Without that community, without that hope, the road home is even longer. I see veterans who don’t have that community, who struggle to find hope, who haven’t yet come home. That is why we are here tonight—to ease their struggle with our compassion, to be their community, to be the ones who give them hope so they can finally come home.

                                                                                                                 – Ben Kamilewicz


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