Three Halloween Costumes for Five Bucks

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Sometimes you can find the best costume inspiration right in your own closet. As Laura from Fore Front Fashion demonstrates, it can be easy to put together a great costume when you identify just a piece or two as your centerpiece. Have you ever pulled together a costume with items you already own?

As you could probably guess from my closet shopping Halloween post, I like to shop from my own closet to get dressed for the holiday. I’m not sure if it’s a good or a bad thing that I already own clothes that can create ensembles like “an old lady from the Bronx” or “the Toothfairy.” Nevertheless, I challenged myself to make three different Halloween costumes from recent Goodwill purchases. If you aren’t good at math, that means three costumes for about $5 each.

Up first was a pair of denim overalls.

Halloween Overalls on Hanger

For this outfit, I decided to dress up as my fantasy occupation: “A Pumpkin Farmer That Lives in Fryeburg And Makes Her Own Maize Maze.” Really, any farming job is my fantasy, but in this case we’ll go with pumpkins since the prop makes the most sense for this time of year. All I did was wear a denim shirt, muddy boots and stuck some corn in my pocket.

Pumpkin Farmer Halloween

My next piece of inspiration was this sequin jacket. If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I purchase these frequently. Do I find it strange that I wear sequin jackets in my daily life and also use them as a prop for a costume party? Absolutely not.

Halloween Sequin Jacket

I’m calling this outfit “Jersey Girl Strikes It Rich On The Penny Slots In Atlantic City.” Try saying that five times fast! Ha! And if you haven’t already applauded me for how realistic my interpretation of this costume is yet, then I’m guessing you haven’t been to New Jersey.

Jersey Halloween Costume

Up next is a Hawaiian print dress that I cannot wait to wear next summer.

Hawaiian Shirt on Hanger

When I picked this up I was immediately reminded of some cruise ship tourists I met over the summer who really loved wearing socks with their footwear (i.e. sandals, heels, etc). I took that inspiration and ran with it in my “I Just Got Off A Cruise Ship In The Old Port” costume. Just add some fitting accessories and you’re set. I gotta admit that the comfort quotient in regards to socks with heels might just make this the winner for me this year.

Tourist Halloween Costume

Please let me know on twitter which outfit is your favorite! What $5 find do you have that will inspire your costume this year?

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Look no further than Goodwill’s Halloween Headquarters. With just a little imagination, you can put together a fun and frugal Halloween costume. Goodwill offers gently used and new costumes for the whole family for less than the cost of costume stores or rented attire.


Laura Serino is the founder of the Maine street style blog Fore Front Fashion. When she isn’t photographing well-dressed Mainers, she can be found dining, exploring and thrifting all over Maine.