Vintage Maps and Globes

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With summer in full swing and many of us traveling this week, it’s a good time to dream about the many places we would like to visit. And what better way to take us there than vintage maps and globes? Selena from Apron Thrift Girl shares some of her favorite vintage cartographic pieces she has thrifted to decorate her home. She discusses how these simple additions can inspire us to dream (and maybe even make plans!) to visit places around the world.

Summer Series: Vintage Maps & Globes

Many of us have a fascination with travel. When we are young we dream of world adventures that consists only of a knapsack and a wrinkled, folded map. When we are teenagers we envision taking off with a backpack and heading far away from home. As adults we sneak daydreams into our workday and plan our next vacation in our heads. Travel calls to us no matter what our age.

Columbus Duo Glass Globe

I took my love of travel and began to collect maps and globes. My search was for the vintage and unique.  While some older globes are harder to come by, antique and vintage map books  and atlases can be found in the book section of most Goodwill stores.

My globe and map theme is carried throughout the house.  I have placed them in my living room, kitchen and bedroom. They help inspire me to continue dreaming, no matter how difficult life gets.

When you start a collection, you begin to train your eye. Now when I walk into a thrift store or garage sale, my eyes fall immediately on any globes. My favorite globe era is the 1960’s.

Framed maps are another way to bring your interest in travel into your home. I’ve come across countless maps set in beautiful frames. Some are replicas of antique maps; while others are simply National Geographic maps that someone once took an interest in. The more faded they are from age, the more I want them.

Peeking from behind this globe is another travel passion of mine, which is vintage suitcases.

While life keeps me pretty much anchored to home most of the year, on those days when I don’t feel like being here, I can at least gaze at a map or globe and use my imagination to travel the world.

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