Vintage Shorts

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Sometimes you’re just in the right place at the right time.

For example, last week I decided to stop into my local Goodwill retail store to poke around for inspiration. It’s rare that I look through the clothing aisles since there’s so much to look at and I am usually drawn more toward the housewares, but on my way from the kitchen stuff to the cash register, an adorable little pair of vintage shorts peeked out at me from one of the racks.

 I had to stop. With glee, I delightedly squealed and my boyfriend came rushing over half-worried about the noise I had just made. I pulled out the pair of shorts with excitement and showed him, without explaining, knowing that he’d see just how “me” they were. Before I made my way to the dressing room, I happened to notice a just-as-lovely fabric hanging on the rack, right next to where my first pair of shorts were. It was another equally adorable pair.

From there, I scoured the racks thinking that maybe there were more…and there were! Someone had donated an entire vintage shorts collection to this one Goodwill location! There were shorts from the ‘40s all the way through the ‘70s scattered about this one rack, and nearly every pair fit me! I was absolutely elated.


I decided that I only really needed two pairs, so I left the rest for someone else just like me to find, knowing that it would bring as much joy into their life as it did into mine. Maybe that person could be you? Go ahead, see if you can find them!

I’ll give you a hint: they’re somewhere in New Hampshire!

xx, Julia


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