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Do you have an unacceptable amount of t-shirts lying around? Holding on to them for sentimental reasons? Erin from A Wife of Material shares four easy repurposing projects so you can keep your Nirvana t-shirt around just a little while longer!

Summer Series: Repurposed T-Shirts

If you are anything like me, you have  probably collected a metric ton of t-shirts from all of the events, concerts and benefits you have attended. I love t-shirts with a giant capital L, but a girl only has so much room in her drawers, you know?

You could always donate the tees you don’t feel a particular attachment toward, but if you just can’t give them away, there are some creative options to get the t-shirts out of your drawers and repurposed into something new!

One of the easiest ways to revamp your plain t-shirts is to make it into a better t-shirt! I tried a tutorial from Dollars, Sense and More on one t-shirt that I picked up at the last SWAPMaine event. This is definitely a great way to keep a shirt in your closet but change it into something a little more comfortable, a little more summery and certainly more individualized. And for those of you who claim not to be creative, don’t worry about it! This whole tutorial requires a grand total of ZERO sewing.

There’s also the simple idea of cutting your t-shirt into horizontal strips and turning it into a t-shirt necklace. You could mix colors of t-shirts, add beads or try beading some of them together. I saw these at a craft fair recently, and they were going for $7 apiece! You can definitely make one of these for less than that.

The next step up in skill and creativity is the t-shirt bag, and it looks just like it sounds. I had this purple t-shirt from freshman year of college and loved the color and bird print, but there is no way I would wear it again because of the size.

So I cut off the sleeves and cut a lower neckline.

From here, all you need to do is flip the t-shirt inside out, sew up the bottom of the shirt, flip it back to the pattern on the outside and BAM! You have a new bag you can throw your stuff in!  It would also be great to bring to the grocery store instead of getting those annoying plastic bags.

Finally, if you fancy yourself to be a sassy seamstress, why not turn your t-shirt collection into a keepsake that will last? I am currently in the process of cutting out all of the designs on my sentimental t-shirts and making them into a t-shirt quilt. Cut all of the designs you want to keep into large squares, back it with a quilting liner and then add other fabric if you wish. If you are interested, Google “DIY t-shirt quilt.”  There are some great instructions out there.

The sky is the limit when it comes to revamping your t-shirt collection. Have fun with it and tap into your creative side. Happy crafting!

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