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I’m really excited about today’s post. Caitlin from Wore Out in Burlington, Vermont, shows us how to transform old t-shirts into great summer scarves and accessories with little more than a pair of scissors – what old t-shirt would you transform?

Summer Series: DIY T-Shirt Accessories

Some of my first trips to Goodwill were dedicated to hunting up quirky, vintage tees so it made sense to write up a DIY post using tee shirts. Goodwill has hundreds of mens, womens and childrens tee shirts in all shapes, sizes, color and material, so the options for these DIYs are limitless. All you need for the fringe scarf and shredded necklace are a tee shirt (cotton tees without side seams are best), scissors and a bit of imagination.

Fringe ScarfWhen selecting a shirt remember that large shirts are going to make longer/larger scarves. 1. To start, simply lay your tee flat and cut a straight line from armpit to armpit so you’re left with an extreme crop top and a tube tee. 2. Using the hem as the top of your scarf and cut a 3-4” slit in the side of the tube. Continue cutting slits every 1.5” or so. For longer fringe make deeper cuts.

3. Once your slits are cut give each one a good tug. This will stretch them out and curl the edges for a fun, funky look. 4. Give your scarf a good shake and pair it with a maxi dress or jeans and a tee for a unique and fun accessory.

Shredded Tee NecklaceLike the fringe scarf, a men’s XL tee (see the pink tee) will make a much longer necklace than a woman’s x –small (similar to the blue shirt) would. 1. Lay your shirt flat and cut a straight line from armpit to armpit and discard the top half (it makes a great rag!) 2. Cut the hem off the bottom of the shirt and begin to cut .5” strips all the way across the shirt so you’re left with skinny rings of fabric.

3. Once you’ve cut up your whole shirt, lay your loops of fabric out and gather them at the top. You can tie the bundle of strips together with an extra strip of tee shirt or you can use a different colored ribbon or bow, it’s up to you.  Wear with a strappy summer dress or use it to dress up the classic jeans and a tee combo.

4. I spray painted a few fleur de lis charms gold and used jump rings to attach them for an added pop but you could use two different color tee shirts or add different charms to give it your very own spin. I love the idea of trying to create an ombre effect by dip dying a long white shredded tee shirt necklace.

The possibilities are endless. Have fun playing around with these two tee shirt inspired DIYs, don’t be afraid to make them your own.  It’s amazing what you can make with a few old tees from Goodwill!

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DIY & Goodwill NNE

Giving new life to Goodwill finds extends the life of the item and makes for a sustainable choice. Not only will you be saving money, but you will be saving our planet by diverting products from landfills.

Sustainability & Goodwill NNE

Sustainability starts with a shirt. Goodwill calls it shirt economics. Shirt donations create jobs, and shirt sales sustain the working community.


Caitlin Pierce lives in Burlington, Vermont and writes the life and style blog Wore Out. When she’s not blogging Caitlin can be found thrifting, exploring her adopted home state of Vermont, enjoying a glass of wine with friends or relaxing at home with her cat Gus.