Repurposing a Silver Platter

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As a jewelry collector and home organizing and decorating fan, I am always looking for new and interesting ways to display my jewelry collection throughout my home. I like the idea of having my pieces easily within reach and finding unexpected ways of displaying them.  Why hide away your treasures when you can show them off, right?  Repurposing is the perfect way to take an item and use it in a new and creative way; giving it and your home a fresh, updated look.

I was very excited when I found this silver cake platter this past week at Goodwill and was immediately smitten with the cut out details on the edges. This extra feature had me reimagining the platter as the perfect display piece – not for cakes and cupcakes (although I am a huge fan), but for my jewelry.  My collection of bracelets seems to be piled a bit too high in a bowl and the ones on the bottom are not getting the opportunity to shine that they deserve.

I decided the platter would be better served with a fresh coat of bright neon pink spray paint to give a pop of color to any room in my home and would also allow for the jewelry to be seen in a more dramatic way. Adding a bright color to your home with a display piece is a surefire way to make a decorating statement.

I first spray primed the surface of the platter, followed by 2 coats of the neon pink spray paint and then a final top coat to give the surface some extra durability and bit of a sheen.

Now I can organize and rotate my collection of bracelets –  plus, I now have a new display surface that I can use for more than just jewelry.  Here are a few more ideas for uses around your home.

In the bathroom: Roll small washcloths and pile them in a pyramid shape for accessibility to fresh cloths anytime. Look at Goodwill for patterned washcloths or even vintage hand towels to add more texture.

In the kitchen: Place the platter near your sink and use it to keep your hand and dish soaps off the counter. Look for little colorful bowls at Goodwill to put your sponge in and place on top of the platter too.

By the front or back door: Use the platter near a surface by your door as a place to keep your keys. Add a small bowl for loose change.

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