Spring's Thriftable Trends

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Laura at sweetersalt breaks down the spring thrift trends to help you affordably stock your closet with the best spring fashions.

March in New England can hardly be described as tropical, but that doesn’t mean a girl can’t dream. Let’s start thinking Spring, people! Color, flowy skirts, fun patterns, oh the possibilities. This season there are loads of super fun, and wearable, trends for the “every girl.”  Get out there, hit up the Goodwill, and find some new Spring styles on a budget. Your wallet, and your eye for style, will thank you.

Neutrals and Nudes

This trend is everywhere from nail polish, to clothing, to home design. Try it head to toe, or rock a few pieces with some darker tones thrown in. It can be tough to pull off some neutral tones around the face, so if it makes you nervous, try a great taupe skirt or a pale peach handbag.

Color Blocking

On the opposite end of the spectrum from neutrals is the bold color trend. Now, this is not for the faint of heart, but if you’re feeling gutsy just do it. Try combining blocks of vibrant primary colors with skirts, tops, cardigans and blazers. Think of Katy Perry on the cover of Elle’s March 2011 issue.  If you’re a little squeamish, try a bright accessory like a turquoise necklace with a yellow top. It’s kind of brazen, but how can you not smile when you’re a walking rainbow.

Pink and Girly

Pantone named Honeysuckle, a vibrant watermelon color, as their Spring 2011 fashion color. This juicy tone is decidedly feminine and fun, so go ahead and wear those girly frocks you’ve been hiding all winter. All hues of pink are on trend, so try mixing some splashes of magenta or bubblegum in with your Spring looks.

Full Skirts

Drop your hemlines and reach for those lady-like skirts. This sophisticated trend embraces silhouettes from the 1950’s, but freshens them up with modern touches like belts and bangles. Be careful with your footwear choices as long, full skirts can easily look dowdy with a flat shoe. Try strappy platform sandals or super high pumps.

Happy Spring ladies! Embrace the trends, but remember, classic is always in style.

Ken Christian
Senior Director, Communications
Goodwill Administrative Office

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