My Goodwill Bureau Find

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Earlier this week we featured a guest post from Joanne Palmisano, author of Salvage Secrets and She shared some tips on how to create a beautiful and affordable holiday centerpiece. Today, she shares one her favorite Goodwill finds that perfectly complemented her guest bedroom.

Instant Storage and Style: My Goodwill Bureau Find

My guest bedroom is a small room with a corner area that I need to have double duty–I need the extra storage but want to have it be useful for guests. This is what the space looks like:

When I went to Goodwill and spied this green bureau, I knew it was the perfect solution. Goodwill always has some great dressers, and other wood furniture finds.  I go in often, because they change daily. I knew when I saw the green dresser it was not going to last long, so I grabbed it right away.  I always have my measuring tape with me so I knew it would fit in the corner space in the room.

All the drawers work well and it has beautiful handles.  All I had to do is give a little wash and style around it. I tucked it in, added a vintage mirror I found at a different time and some branches from a fallen tree.  A few old books, a tray and antique light, make this space feel really cozy.

My guests can use the top of the bureau for their toiletries and I can use the drawers for my sweaters.  I love working with Goodwill for my furnishing my home. Not only do I love to support the mission, but the green factor of reusing.  Recycled dressers and shelving make for great instant closets.  The Goodwill stores in northern New England always have a great selection of these.  You can leave them as is, like I did the green dresser, or change them up with a little paint or decoupage.  Have fun recycling!

Joanne Palmisano, is the author of the new book, Salvage Secrets, Transforming Reclaimed Material into Design Concepts.  She also has a blog called Salvage Secrets, at

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DIY & Goodwill NNE

Giving new life to Goodwill finds extends the life of the item and makes for a sustainable choice. Not only will you be saving money, but you will be saving our planet by diverting products from landfills.

Sustainability & Goodwill NNE

Sustainability starts with a shirt. Goodwill calls it shirt economics. Shirt donations create jobs, and shirt sales sustain the working community.


Joanne Palmisano is the author of the internationally acclaimed book, Salvage Secrets, Transforming Reclaimed Materials Into Design Concepts (W.W. Norton, Publisher), and designer for DIY NETWORK (salvage design videos and step by step projects). She is a national award winning interior designer and has styled homes for national publications, including This Old House. Ms. Palmisano is currently working on her second book, Salvage Secrets, Design and Decor and traveling across the nation, scouting homes and businesses for the book, as well as conducting a book tour. She also continues to create projects for DIY NETWORK as well as write her blog,