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I am excited to start our much anticipated Halloween blog series today! Fall and hints of Halloween are definitely in the air, inspiring us to pick up some pumpkins and sip hot apple cider. What better way to kick off the fall season than with a little seasonal decor? Today, Chantal from Shop Chantal shares how she spruced up her front door with Halloween decorations from Goodwill! How do you decorate your home in the fall season?

Each year, my family makes a real effort to participate in the neighborhood Halloween decorating and it is always lots of fun, but as my sons get a bit older,  their interest in ghouls and goblins is quickly being replaced with all things creepy and crawly.

This year I took them on my shopping trip to Goodwill to pick out some decorations for our front porch.  As expected, they went right for the huge selection of plastic and rubber spiders, snakes, ants and even rats!  It was actually a lot of fun to plan the decorations as we shopped and moved through the aisles. We found packages of spider webs, a branch wreath and even a metal planter.  I was most excited about the glass pumpkin jars for holding candy.

With some found items around home including driftwood branches and leftover plastic pumpkins, we started our theme of “all things creepy and crawly.” Get our your glue gun because you are going to need it for this project.

These pumpkin jars, now decorated with huge rubber ants, are great for leaving candy on the porch when we are not home to hand it out to the neighborhood trick or treaters. And the glow in the dark ants lead you right to the treats!

The branch wreath we found was a perfect way to use all the rubber snakes.  With a bit of hot glue, we made a Halloween snake wreath that works perfectly on the front door. The white snakes even glow at night!

The black metal container was a perfect find to hold our found driftwood branch — which we easily draped with the spider webs. We hot glued the spiders to the web and then added the marching ants up the branch.  The spiders also worked well on the draped spider webs across the front door and along the sides and we even placed the large rubber spiders on the porch steps.

Using a drill, we drilled holes in the white plastic pumpkins for our rubber rats and glued them in place.  The remaining rubber rats are scurrying around the porch and even up the handrails!

Everything came together really easily and quickly this year with all our amazing finds at Goodwill.  The theme is really fun and is going to look great at night when all the snakes and ants glow in the dark.  A few glow sticks from Goodwill put inside all the pumpkins will add some a bit of spookiness, too.

We can’t wait for all our friends and neighbors to enjoy our efforts and, of course, the treats. Happy Halloween!


Ken Christian
Senior Director, Communications
Goodwill Administrative Office

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