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We have been featuring a number of guest blog posts in our Halloween series – but what about costumes for kids? We are very excited to feature a post from Michele of the New England Through Yummy Mommy’s Eyes blog. Based in New Hampshire, Michele has been a long time supporter of Goodwill for her family. Read below about how she used Goodwill finds in past years to make simple, fun and creative costumes for her three daughters.

Halloween! Repurposing Great Kids’ Costumes

Wow, Halloween is coming fast. Do you have your costumes yet? We do not, as kids can be so indecisive, but we did make a trip to Goodwill to get some ideas. Goodwill is almost a necessity to our family when it comes to Halloween costumes. With three girls, we can not afford the $40-$60 it cost per child to go to a box store and buy a premade costume and all of the accessories. Also, what kid wants to be caught wearing the same costume as one of their friends when they show up at their Halloween party or dance (I only say this as it seems to be a HUGE concern for my 11-year-old this year!)

When we showed up at our local Goodwill this past weekend, I was very excited to see the normal rack (and racks!) of costumes laid out right up front. I get a bit overly excited at the sight because, to me, it means all of these costumes are being reused or upcycled and NOT being put into our landfills. Imagine the millions of costumes that are bought each year and only worn once… can you imagine where the majority end up? I shudder to think of it.

Over the years, we have utilized Goodwill for our Halloween needs in four different areas. First, and most obvious, are the costumes. You can either get one that is ready made, like this ladybug costume I purchased  two years ago for my baby girl:

You can also use your creativity to design your own costumes from Goodwill’s every day inventory. One year we crafted my daughter’s witch costume from a black velour dress and some sequined material we found. Although it did not take much effort, it turned out great, she loved it, and it was one-of-a-kind.

Of course, don’t forget the Halloween accessories while you are there. There is usually a full aisle of Halloween make-up, hats, masks, wigs and so much more (this is where we found our witch hat.)

And, last, look closely at the Halloween décor they offer. Over the past few years, I have been able to decorate my house for next to nothing from all of the great items I have purchased throughout October.

I suggest you get to Goodwill soon though. October is their busiest retail month and everything goes fast!

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Senior Director, Communications
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Halloween & Goodwill NNE

Look no further than Goodwill’s Halloween Headquarters. With just a little imagination, you can put together a fun and frugal Halloween costume. Goodwill offers gently used and new costumes for the whole family for less than the cost of costume stores or rented attire.

DIY & Goodwill NNE

Giving new life to Goodwill finds extends the life of the item and makes for a sustainable choice. Not only will you be saving money, but you will be saving our planet by diverting products from landfills.

Michele Horne

A born and raised New England mother of 3 little girls who strives to live simply, yet with intention in her little brick schoolhouse. She loves spending time hiking, crafting, cooking, taking photos with wild abandon and hula hooping in her bare feet.