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Looking to add a little sparkle to your step? Laura from Fore Front Fashion shows us how to dress up a tired pair of shoes to give it a second chance before heading to the donation bag – how would you repurpose an old pair of shoes?

DIY Shoes: Sparkle in my Step!

I have a hard time paring down my shoe collection. With clothes I feel less of an attachment, but shoes, I just can’t let them go. I’ve had these black strappy heels for awhile now, but I tend to reach for an uglier (but comfier) version of them when I need a dressed-up pair. Instead of give up on this particular pair of sole mates, I thought I’d give them a facelift.

Here’s what you need:

  • Shoes
  • Glue
  • Glitter
  • Paper towels or newspaper

This entire project cost me less than $3. I’ve been lusting after this pair from J.Crew but didn’t want to take the plunge ($98 is steep) so decided to use them as inspiration.

You’ll want to cover the bed of your shoes with paper towel or newspaper to avoid getting glue or glitter on the surface.

Once you’re securely covered, spread a strong adhesive on the strap surface, careful not to apply too heavily. If your glue drips down the side, it’ll harden that way.

Next, sprinkle your glitter on the glue covering it completely. I would lean more on the heavy side with the glitter so you can be certain the entire surface is covered. Feel free to push down on it to be sure its clinging to the glue.

Once your glitter is on, let the shoes sit overnight. I didn’t want to take any chances at leaving a trail of glitter behind me by wearing these too soon.

The finished product. I can’t wait to wear these to an upcoming wedding this fall and out on the town with a pair of jeans.


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Laura Serino is the founder of the Maine street style blog Fore Front Fashion. When she isn’t photographing well-dressed Mainers, she can be found dining, exploring and thrifting all over Maine.