Designer Handbags: Is that really a Louis Vuitton?

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One more day until Halloween! I hope everyone has their costumes ready to go.

As we get ready for winter, it’s important not to leave accessories off the lists. This includes the winter handbag. Here are some tips on designer handbags to make sure you don’t pay out of pocket for increasingly convincing imitations.

Designer Handbags vs. Imitations

Everywhere I go I see someone carrying a “designer” handbag, suitcase, or other accessory. It always amazes me that so many average folks can afford to spend thousands of dollars for these items. I am also amazed that they travel to major cities and resorts to shop. I would like directions to the nearest Louis Vuitton, Prada, or Channel Store in Maine, New Hampshire, or Vermont. I must have missed them because there certainly are a lot of those bags around. I suspect I have also missed the Fendi and Kate Spade stores.What do you think? Is every designer bag you see someone carrying the real deal? Certainly they are not! The market is glutted with cheap copies that are sold on street corners, at home handbag parties, and online. Fake handbags are a $6 billion a year business.Here are some tips to help you identify the “real thing.”

  1. Ask yourself: does it feel expensive?
  2. Handles never come wrapped in plastic.
  3. Genuine designer bags should not have loose or missing stitches.
  4. Coach zippers have “YKK” embossed on the zipper pull.
  5. A Coach bag never has the “CC” pattern on both the inside and outside.
  6. Fendi bags are made from a fabric called “zuccajaquard,” which is a silk and canvas blend. The lining is always brown.
  7. Imitation Gucci and Kate Spade bags never have sticker labels; the genuine bags are embroidered.
  8. Louis Vuitton (LV) bags never have a hanging tag.
  9. LV labels are never displayed on the outside of the bag.
  10. The monogram on imitation LV bags is often frayed at the seam; this would not happen with an original.
  11. Genuine LV and Prada bags never have the brand name engraved on the zipper.
  12. Genuine Prada bags have the brand name woven into the lining.
  13. All Prada hardware is antique brass.

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