Business in the Front, Little Black Dress Party in the Back

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When it comes to getting dressed, I like surprise details. Especially when it comes to the tried-and-true. Take the little black dress for example. This particular dress has been with me for almost 8 years now. I’ve worn it to weddings, formal affairs, cocktail parties – and it might have even been part of a Halloween costume. At first look, I appear to be a pretty boring fashion blogger. Black on black – real inventive, Fore Front Fashion! Reeeal inventive! But though I appear to be all business in the front, the real party is in the back:

The cut-out back was the reason I purchased this dress. I love purchasing a timeless piece that’s got a detail that elevates it. And my boring old black pumps? Pow! A pop of bright cobalt thanks to my flower shoe clips from Domestically Urban. It’s these types of details that make dressing fun. Every time it comes to buying a new item of clothing, versatility is something I’ll splurge on. A little black dress in a classic silhouette is something every woman should own. The wearing options (and potential surprise details) are endless.

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