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Dear readers,

We are gearing up for our Little Black Dress Event on April 26 in Portland. It is an evening that celebrates everyone’s favorite little black dress, while raising funds to support our Workforce Solutions programs that help people in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont get back to work.

Several of Goodwill’s bloggers have been sharing their favorite little black dress (LBD) in anticipation of the event. We are excited to have Julia from Jeeze, Julia! preview what she will be wearing to the event – and how putting together the *perfect* outfit makes you feel on top of your game!

Ah, the little black dress.

My boyfriend asked me the other day, “What’s so special about a little black dress?” He had heard the term and its fancy nickname (LBD), but he wasn’t sure of the significance such an article could possibly hold in the lady’s eyes. So I explained.

I told him: The little black dress is more than just a garment. It’s something a woman can put on that helps her feel on top of her game. Of course, black is a slimming color, it hides flaws (even if they’re not there a woman often worries that they are), it matches anything, and it doesn’t show stains which helps us keep confident no matter what may happen throughout the night. It can be dressed up for formal events, dressed down for a day at the office, or fancied for a first date or a girls’ night out.

The little black dress is a secret keeper, a companion, and one less thing for us to worry about when things aren’t going our way. Even if we have the worst night of our lives, when wearing our favourite little black dress we know that if nothing else, we look pretty darn good.

Most men don’t seem to feel as women do about their clothing. They wear it because they have to, not because they want to (prove me wrong, fellas! I love a guy with style). The perfect dress for a lot of ladies is sort of like the movie that comes on after the previews – it’s the main event. We plan the rest of our outfit around it, getting creative and playing with the accessories that we have. We express ourselves through our style.

I pulled together this vintage-inspired look with entirely thrifted finds {except for the tights}. The capelet is such an amazing find! I saw it behind the counter at Goodwill and assumed it was already claimed, but when I asked about it the employee informed me that they just wanted it to be safe! I’ve never worn fur before, and I’m against supporting the industry, but a vintage fur is a different story, no? My dollars did not contribute directly so I didn’t feel quite as bad making the purchase. Plus, with its original owner’s initials inside, I just couldn’t turn this beautiful piece down!

The pearls and the handheld mirror are from Goodwill, as well, and they matched this look so nicely that I took them home, too. I’ve learned that a stylish lady will certainly enjoy herself anywhere so long as the company is good, but feeling comfortable and confident in what she’s wearing just helps her to get the most out of any event.

See you on Thursday!


Ken Christian
Senior Director, Communications
Goodwill Administrative Office

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