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This is the week! Goodwill’s Little Black Dress Event is this Thursday, April 26 in Portland (pssst – which means there is still time to buy tickets). It is an evening that celebrates everyone’s favorite little black dress, while raising funds to support our Workforce Solutions programs that help people in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont get back to work.

Several of Goodwill’s bloggers have been sharing their favorite little black dress (LBD) in anticipation of the event. We are super excited to have Aubin from In the Usual Way share her favorite little black dress and how important pockets are to the versatility of the LBD.

Little Black Dress Series: Pockets!

I love the versatility of a simple little black dress. You can turn it from a pretty and professional work outfit to the perfect elegant evening attire by just adding or subtracting a necklace, scarf, or belt. For someone like me who doesn’t usually have time to run home and change before meeting friends for coffee after a day at the office, a dress whose form follows its functionality is an essential part of my wardrobe. In the case of the little black dress I’ve chosen to write about, that means it has pockets.

When I first saw this dress at Goodwill a few years ago the pockets were what we convinced me that it was something I absolutely had to buy. My chapstick, keys, credit card, and driver’s license are things that I need with me at all times but not all situations and styles require the pocketbook I’d normally keep such things in. Having a place to store them in my dress allows me to keep my hands free, while staying fashionable. Whether I’m at a rock show or a restaurant that’s an invaluable feature.


To accessorize this dress I chose a knotted string of pearls and a pair of small rhinestone chandelier earrings because I knew they would both catch the light enough to compliment and off-set the darkness of the dress. I also wore my mother’s rhinestone bracelet and a vintage Southwestern inspired belt with a buckle that once belonged to my grandfather. My personal style is inspired by my life experiences as opposed to what is usually trendy so incorporating things connected to my family into my outfits helps me feel close to them no matter where I am. It also boosts my confidence a bit to know that a part of them is there with me.

I don’t do well with high heels so as a compromise I’ve worn these ankle height black boots with a slight lift to them. They look at home in a relaxed or professional  setting and they’re a step up from the loafers or sneakers I normally wear. I also have an optional short sleeve knit sweater in case the weather turns chilly as the evening progresses. All together, the dress, boots, and accessories create an outfit that allow me to go easily from one social setting to another without worrying if what I’m wearing is appropriate and, really, that’s the best kind of outfit these days.

Ken Christian
Senior Director, Communications
Goodwill Administrative Office

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