Halloween! Kids Costume Ideas

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Your kids may have chosen their Halloween costumes months ago, but if you are feeling stuck, Jen from Cute Potato: Your Guide to Kid-Friendly Maine, writes about a recent shopping trip to Goodwill and the inspiration her kids found for a Halloween costume. Are your kids not sure what they want to be? Stop by one of our stores for some more ideas!

Halloween! Kids Costume Ideas

If you’re like me, you’ve probably received your fair share of catalogs featuring Halloween costumes. My kids and I like to flip through the catalog pages for inspiration. We’ll cut out a few of our favorites and post the photos on the fridge until we’ve made up our minds.

My daughter, L., decided to be a Halloween classic: a red devil. She discovered a headband with devil horns in her dress up closet, and I found her this sparkling red T-shirt at Goodwill in Portland. The shirt seems to suit her big personality.

My son, W., knew right away that he wanted to be a character from Star Wars. When he found this Clone Trooper costume at Lots for Tots in Falmouth, W. decided to wear the mask to Ricetta’s that night. Nothing like meeting a 5-year old Clone Trooper in the pizza buffet line!

I’m still up in the air, but I’m considering 40’s movie star. I found a beautiful, camel coat in the Falmouth Goodwill that would be perfect with a beret, clutch, and black heels. Not to be outdone, my husband has decided on Perry the Platypus from Phineas and Ferb. He plans to pull the costume off with a fedora, turquoise sweat suit, orange Crocs, and a duck tour bill. Looks like we have more Goodwill shopping to do!

What are you and your kids wearing this Halloween?


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