Halloween! Creating Spooky Displays

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Now that we are officially in the fall season, many of us are looking forward to Halloween and all the fun that comes with it – costumes, trick or treating and a celebration of the cool, autumn weather after a hot summer. One way to get ready is to think about your decorations. Last week, Chantal shared some tips on how to decorate your front door. Today, Julia from Jeeze, Julia! and blogger for Goodwill Industries International, shares a spooky display she created for handing out candy on Halloween. With just a few simple pieces from Goodwill, she was able to transform a traditional candy display into a memorable trick or treating experience for everyone.

Halloween! Creating Spooky Displays

I know a kid’s not going to turn down any candy on Halloween night, no matter how it’s presented to them – but I also know that if you really want to spark your trick-or-treaters’ imaginations, then setting up a truly spooky candy display will do the “trick.”

I can remember a couple of very creepy houses that I anxiously approached in my ballerina or Native American costume decades ago (I alternated between these two costumes for several years, completely obsessed), because these houses had been so carefully decorated to ignite the fear within me. The houses where someone was just waiting at the door with a bowl of candy, on the other hand, are entirely forgotten. It’s for this reason that I have set out to create a chilling display this year for my trick-or-treaters on All Hallow’s Eve.

After gathering a little inspiration (ie. watching some episodes of The Munsters), I hurried out to Goodwill in search of some basic haunted house decor. I found tons of pewter, brass, and silver trays, goblets, and candlestick-holders, as well as candlesticks themselves. And I knew they’d do the trick because everything looks spookier by candlelight, doesn’t it?

I plan to set this table up right outside my door as the sun sets on Halloween night. My Mister and I can sit out there waiting for little ones to come along in search of sweets and contribute to the eeriness of the evening with our creepy display. What ideas do you have for decorating your home? We’d love to hear!

Happy haunting!

xx, Julia


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