Halloween! Childhood Costume Inspiration

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With Halloween just three weeks away, many of us are now getting down to business and figuring out what we want to be for Halloween. Caitlin from the Burlington, Vermont based blog, Wore Out, shares with us the inspiration for her costume this year – her princess costume from when she was eight!

Caitlin wanted to reinterpret one of her classic kid costumes and modernize the look – we think she did an amazing job and was able to complete the ensemble with the perfect dress from Goodwill. Have you ever been inspired to recreate a childhood costume?

Halloween! Childhood Costume Inspiration

My approach to Halloween costumes changes year to year. Some years my costumes have been haphazard and completely last minute, other times they are elaborate and over the top. There have also been a few years (and I’m not ashamed to admit it) I’ve donned cliché (and somewhat risqué) store bought costumes. This year, however, I’ve decided to draw inspiration for my costume from childhood.

Last week, my mom sent me a Halloween card and enclosed a picture of my younger sister and I trick or treating when we were four and eight years old at our neighbor’s house. My sister looks adorable as a pint sized pumpkin; I however look like a crazed princess in my mom’s rabbit fur coat and a thrifted white dress.

Despite being a horribly embarrassing photo, it’s also one of the funniest costumes  I have ever seen – which is why when Goodwill asked me to put together a Halloween costume idea, I knew exactly what I wanted to do – I needed to give this costume and myself a shot at redemption.

The crown and scepter in the photo led me to believe my costume was supposed to resemble some type of royalty – the queen of hideous bangs possibly?

My ugly duckling phase aside, I set out to recreate this look and the first place I started was Goodwill. I already had a white faux fur jacket that would work perfectly so all I really needed was a dress. I wanted something lacy, tacky (in keeping with the spirit of my inspiration) and of course princess-y. Lo and behold! As soon as I walked into my local Goodwill store, I spotted a shimmer of sequins amidst tufts of pink lace overlay in the dress section. It was exactly what I was looking for, it was only $4.99 and it fit like a glove, no alterations required.

When I got the dress home and saw the whole outfit together (and saw my boyfriend’s reaction to my whole outfit) I got so excited. I had been able to recreate my childhood costume for less than $5 and I felt amazing in it. It was the perfect mix of tacky, sassy and princess-y and very true to the spirit of the original costume.

So this year for Halloween I challenge you to re-imagine one of your childhood costumes. Recreating this look was not only a great trip down memory lane, but it reminded me of what I love most about Halloween: the chance to play dress up and binge on candy. Luckily you never get too old for either.

Outfit details: Faux Fur Jacket: Charlotte Russe, Dress: Goodwill (South Burlington), Thrifted Necklace, Headband: Forever 21, ALDO Heels


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