Halloween! DIY Mason Jar Display

Dear readers,

Halloween brings out the creativity in all of us and today’s repurposing project is no exception. Aubin from In the Usual Way shares a simple Halloween DIY project that will add some spookiness to your Halloween display – what Halloween  projects have you been working on this season?

Halloween! DIY Mason Jar Display

I’m a big fan of repurposing. There’s nothing that makes me happier than creating something new out of an item I otherwise wouldn’t find very interesting. That’s why I love glass jars- there’s always at least two or three at every Goodwill and they’re the beginning of dozens of fun craft projects! Here is a DIY project that shows you how to turn a glass jar into a Halloween votive.

You will need:

  • Black paint (I used acrylic but tempera paint would work just as well)
  • A sharp push pin or similar sharp pointed tool for scratching
  • A paint brush
  • At least one glass jar (I used a large canning/Mason jar)

Step one: Clean the jar and pat it dry. Put down some newspaper to protect your work surface and then use your paintbrush to paint a layer of black paint across the outer surface of the jar. The paint should be layered on thick enough that it looks like a solid color on the glass (in other words, not see-through) but thin enough that you will be able to easily scratch your design into it once it’s dry. Tip: to make the paint as smooth as you can, paint your brush strokes in the same direction around the jar.

Step two: Once the paint is dry (about an hour, but check it by gently touching the surface of the paint with your fingertips before proceeding), scratch spider web designs and spider shapes into the paint’s surface using the sharp point of the push pin. Don’t worry about them being perfect- remember that if it looks a bit shaky that will only add to the spooky Halloween effect! Tip: to check your progress you can hold the jar up to a light and see how the design is coming along.

Step three: When you are done scratching your designs into the paint, rub the jar gently with a dry paper towel. This will get rid of any bits of paint around the design that are still hanging on and it will leave you with a more clean look to the design. Put a candle in the jar and use it as part of your Halloween display.

And there you have it! A simple Halloween DIY project that will not only help lend an eerie quality to your décor, but will also lend help to people who need it through your purchase at Goodwill.


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