How Halloween Costumes Help People Get Jobs

Dear readers,

We are excited to feature Selena from Apron Thrift Girl in our Halloween series. She shares how her daughter was able to ensemble her own creative costume with every item purchased at Goodwill – and that she was proud to support an organization that helps her neighbors find work.

How Halloween Costumes Help People Get Jobs

Every year I have the wonderful vision of driving down to a craft store, buying a pattern, material and notions to sew the children’s costumes. My goal is to complete them by October 1 so that I don’t procrastinate until right before Halloween.

The first few years I actually went so far and bought the patterns. Yet each Halloween would pass and the pattern would sit uncut on my craft table. On the 25th of October we’d scurry down to the Goodwill in search of last minute costumes. One year I’ll admit we walked into Goodwill on the 30th of October. Luckily they always found something that would work.

I learned not to think twice about making costumes because thrift stores always have an ample supply of them. Many are in fact handmade and most are better than what I could have ever sewn.

Cerys, my 11 year old daughter, started to plan out her costume in May when she found a dress that she thought would be perfect for a witch. The price was only $5.99 at Goodwill. During the summer we visited Goodwill on a weekly basis where she continued to put her costume together. Tights for $1.99,  Boots for $4.99 and her hat was $1.99.

Her entire costume came to just $15.00 and she proudly chose every item herself.

Thrifting for Halloween Costumes allows kids to get creative. It’s not simply walking  into a retail store and buying a packaged, complete costume. They can visually create their costumes and then search through the racks until they find what they are looking for. My daughter is so proud of her costume this year, more than any other year.

She knows in her heart that she is helping the planet not only by recycling but when we spend money at Goodwill it helps our local community. The money we spend there helps people find jobs and training.  What better way to celebrate a holiday by helping others?