Robin Gagnon

My name is Robin Gagnon and I live in Vassalboro, Maine. I had been receiving TANF benefits from the State for about four years. After much searching, I was able to find a good job at Compaid Industries in Augusta. However, I needed a vehicle to get to work. My case worker sent a referral to Goodwill’s Good Wheels program. The Transportation Specialist helped me fill out the application and I was approved! The Good Wheels team found me a vehicle that is dependable and suits my needs. We submitted the paperwork to Key Bank, the loan was approved and I took possession of my new car in January 2012: a 1999 Subaru Legacy. I am now able to get to work and no longer need TANF benefits.

I am very happy with my car and cannot thank the Good Wheels team enough. Goodwill made it possible for me to keep my job and have the freedom to do more in the community with my kid. Goodwill has shown me that there are still organizations out there that are willing to lend a helping hand to a family that is trying to get back on their feet. I can now take my four year old daughter to zoos and parks!

Goodwill’s Good Wheels program helps many families obtain a vehicle. In such a rural state with very limited public transportation, lack of a vehicle is the biggest hurdle to keeping employment. Together we can make a difference!